Review Guidelines


a.k.a. How to Not Be Automatically Moved to the "Rejected" Folder

If you've written a book and you're just dying to get it reviewed I'll happily consider your request via email at Reviews will be posted here as well as on Amazon (if available) and

Things I need to know:
Who are you?
What's the title of your book?
What is it about?
How long is it?
Who is your publisher?
On what format is your book available?
Do you have a website?

If I'm interested I'll send a request for a copy and give you an ETA for your review. Unfortunately, I can't respond to all emails, so you'll only hear from me if I'm interested. Please do not send unsolicited materials. I can accept a physical copy or Kindle. I do not accept unbound manuscripts or digital files. I will not open attachments of any kind. I will not read your book on a pdf file.

I am a self-published author and I fully support others who are as well. Therefore, self-published and small-press titles will be bumped forward on my list. Is that favoritism? Yes. Yes, it is.

Also, if you've requested a review and I've posted a review here, I would appreciate that you would share my blog link on whatever social media platform or website you use. Maybe you're just trying to bump your Amazon reviews, but I've taken my time to promote your work so it seems only fair that you would return the favor. I'll email you when the review is posted, but if I see no effort on your part to share my review directly from this blog I might "forget" to post to Goodreads and Amazon. I make no apologies for that.

Types of books I like to read:
Women's Fiction
Young Adult
New Adult

Non Fiction

Types of books I don't accept:
Middle-grade (this may change in the future)
Political thrillers
Erotica (this includes any book that is a perfectly good story punctuated by graphic sex-scenes)
Books involving child abuse

A note about children's books:
I do accept children's books for review. I read them to my children and my review is based on their reaction to the book and whether or not I enjoyed reading it. For that reason I will only review children's book in physical form. I no longer accept children's books on my Kindle because a) it doesn't have color and b) it's hard to share with two children snuggled in bed. 

One last thing:
I don't enjoy posting bad reviews. That's not to say that all my reviews will be shining and full of praise. I have a thick skin, and I hope you do, too. However, if I receive your book and don't feel that I have anything nice to say (or that I can even finish it) I won't say anything at all. I will let you know via email that a review wasn't possible. But don't worry. I'm sure your book is great.

Also, be sure to follow my Amazon reviews here.


For more on this topic, see Why Wasn't My Review Accepted?


  1. Dear Rebecca, The illustrations are being completed as I write. I am hoping to get reviews at pre-orders stage prior to publication of my new book - Ants In Space! Is this a possibility with you? Thank you in advance, G J Griffiths

  2. If you submit a review request via email I'd be happy to consider it.