Rating System

 DISCLAIMER: Most of my reviews are requested by the author or their representative. I'm given a free digital or physical copy in exchange for an honest review. And I am honest. I don't accept payment for my reviews and I don't exchange reviews.

So, here's what it all means:

Five smiley faces means I loved it. I will read it again. I will gaze at it and smile. I will loan it to my sister.

Four smiley faces means I really liked it. The story flowed and kept me engaged. I would recommend it to anyone.

Three smiley faces means it had its merits, but there was something off about the book. Maybe the writing was poor. Maybe the story was disjointed. Whatever it was, something kept me from fully enjoying the book or getting truly immersed in the story. However, I believe there are readers out there who would enjoy the book more than I did.

Two meh faces means I'm not at all a fan. There was probably very little redeeming about this book. If you asked me I'd tell you to skip it.

One meh face means no. Just no. Don't bother. I wouldn't even loan it to my sister.