About Me

"Never mind the furthermore, the plea is self-defense."   Oklahoma- Rogers & Hammerstein

I'm a self-published author. I'm a wife. I'm a mom. I'm a full-time numbers worker.
I'm very picky about what I read. I'm easily distracted. I'm looking for the next book I won't ever forget.

Most of my reviews are requested by the author or their representative. I'm given a free digital or physical copy in exchange for an honest review. And I am honest. I don't accept payment for my reviews and I don't exchange reviews.

You can follow my author page on Facebook. Read my book. I'm not saying buy it, because I don't care if you buy it or bootleg it or borrow it from a friend. Just read it. You might like it.

"Never mind the furthermore, the plea is self-defense."    No Time- The Monkees


  1. Hi Olivia

    My name is Michael Ross and I am a published author with Limitless Publishing. After releasing short story anthologies and the first of my Out Of Hand thriller series, I have changed direction slightly. On July 26th I have a light hearted romance being published. Entitled Chasing What’s Already Gone it is a humorous love story from a male perspective.

    Although I live in the UK I’m blessed with an editor based in the US who, although she specialises in thrillers, thinks this novel has wide appeal. I am wondering if I forwarded you an advanced copy of the book whether you would consider reviewing it?

    Thank you for your time

    Best wishes



    Facebook: Michael Ross-Writer

  2. My name is not Olivia, nor do I accept requests in the comments section. Please see the submission page for guidelines.