Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pepper, Pumpkin and the Magical Pajamas by Rita Madison

Pepper, Pumpkin and the Magical Pajamas is a cute story about a girl who lost her cat. I wish I had more good things to say about it.

The Good: The writing is geared toward young readers and is easy to read. For a child who has a pet or wants a pet the story shows the responsibility that's involved. I also enjoyed the illustrations. They were cute and detailed.

The Bad: The story was very much all over the place. So much happened that didn't need to be explained.  Pepper and her mom went out looking for the missing cat. Pepper and her dad went out looking for the cat. There were flashbacks. Pepper thought about how it would be if she had a brother. What? And the pajamas didn't even show up until the final chapters.

The book would have been half as long if it weren't for all the unrelated content. It was like listening to someone tell a story of something that happened to them, but they add way too many details and I just can't wait for them to get to the point.

The Technical: It would have been nice if the author would have run her manuscript through an editor before publishing. There were several issues with misplaced punctuation. Also, the writer regularly used the word wondered where she meant to use wandered. A professional editor would have caught this glaring mistake and I wouldn't have had to explain it to my daughter while I was reading it to her. 

Despite its issues, my daughter enjoyed the book and read it again after we finished it together. She loved the pictures. She loved the idea of having a cat. And she wouldn't stop singing the poop song that came out of nowhere toward the end of the book.

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