Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Oh! The Things You Can See In The Dark by Cathleen Francisco

'OH! The Things You Can See In The Dark!' is a picture book for children ages 3 and up. The premise of the book is to reveal that which can only be seen in the dark or those things made more glorious by the absence of light. While children may often perceive the dark to be ominous, the book shows a magical aspect of the night through the vibrant and lush imagery used. The illustrations are photography-based and highly manipulated in Photoshop. An amalgamation of visual components are used to create the dramatic and brilliantly colored landscapes that are a combination of realism and fantasy. The text is divided between child and adult. For the child, simple questions that can lead to curious discoveries. For the adult, a bit of trivia to offer a stepping off place for the reader to begin a dialogue with the child, create a story of their own, or continue to explore the night.

First I'll say that I'm a fan of the dark. I've always loved the contrast of artificial lights against the night sky. And black is my favorite color. So this book was visually appealing to me. It's beautifully done and the photographs are stunning. The author was kind enough to send me a signed hardcover copy.

Oh! The Things You Can See in the Dark is an interesting fact-filled book for older children and adults, but also has a passage on each page for little kids. I read both to my son. We enjoyed answering each page's questions together. The interaction was fun and a different pace for our bedtime story.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book. It's a beautiful work of art. It looks great on my coffee table.

Oh! The Things You Can See In The Dark received an Honorable Mention from the New York and San Francisco Book Festival Award competitions.

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