Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lost in the Woods by Dennis Mews

When Nadia Hamilton found herself lost in the woods, she wished she'd never moved to The Grange School and been dragged along on their pathetic camping trip. No-one warned her that teen Craig Wilson, on the run from the police and two desperate gunmen, was hiding in these same woods. What was in the secret cave, and was it true a wild animal was on the loose? But perhaps most terrifying of all was how a small fire could explode out of control and threaten to kill them all.

The Lowdown:
A girl repeatedly gets lost in the woods on a class trip.
A boy steals a car and runs into the woods, unwittingly taking along something of great importance to a couple of gangsters.

Some Questions:
Why is a teacher allowed to take a co-ed class on a camping trip alone?
Why are the gangsters so stupid?

There are a few technical issues in the manuscript, but overall it's not bad. A few of the chapters seem to drag on and could have been omitted from the story. But the action picks up and it again becomes an interesting read. It's definitely safe enough for a younger teenage audience.

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