Thursday, September 8, 2016

Savaged Lands by Lana Kortchik

Savaged Lands is a story of a family whose lives have been overturned with the invasion of Kiev by the Nazis. Natasha struggles to survive and finds help from a handsome Hungarian soldier.

I'm not usually drawn to sad stories. This one was very sad. I wondered through the whole book if the family would survive and if the story would have a happy ending. If you enjoy tear-jerking drama, I recommend Savaged Lands. It's also a great lesson in the history of WWI as it drops you into the middle of the human experience.

I had one major issue with the writing. In two chapters the tense suddenly shifted from past tense to present tense. Both chapters were sex scenes which makes me believe that this shift was intentional, but it pulled me out of the story. Also, sometimes authors feel they need to add erotic scenes to sell to an adult market. Here it was unnecessary and felt forced, especially with the change in tense.

Still, Savaged Lands impacted me emotionally. Yes, it was heartbreaking, but it also showed me the importance of the war and defending the freedoms of others.

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