Saturday, September 17, 2016

Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom by Jennifer McCoy Blaske

I had expected something completely different from this book. I thought I'd just be reading about weddings and piano playing. But Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom was actually about perusing a dream while juggling the reality of mom life. Any mom can relate to that. I mean, normal moms, not those super moms who have it all under control and their dream career to boot.

At times I thought the author had been peeking into my life. I have two kinda small kids. The main character Heather has two kinda small kids. I agonize over taking my kids in public. Heather agonizes over taking her kids in public--with good reason. The experiences Heather has in this story mirror my own and probably those of most moms.

As she chases her dream of playing piano for happy brides, things go less than smoothly. Things go wrong. She wants to give up. Jennifer McCoy Blaske's novel isn't predictable at all. I was 80% into the book and still had no clue how it would end.  Because it was real.

Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom is a fast read. It's only 142 pages and is fast-paced. Because the last book I read was long and heavy, I appreciated the lightness of this one. I'm looking forward to reading books from this author in the future. 

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