Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Adventures of Gracie and Monkeybear by C.S. O'Kelly

We all know I love to get mail. I especially love getting a brand new advanced hardcover book wrapped in pretty paper. My kids were really excited to read The Adventures of Gracie and Monkeybear from the minute it came out of the box. The high-quality, textured cover caught their eyes immediately.

When it was time for bed, even my ten-year-old was riveted by this fun story. Gracie and her dog Monkeybear went straight from one adventure to another without skipping a beat or losing the reader. All of this imaginary fun took place in a single day in Gracie's backyard.

I love that the book encourages kids to get outside and play. It illustrates how a child can get so engrossed in pretend play that the sun is going down before they know it.

The Adventures of Gracie and Monkeybear is a wonderful book and apparently the first in a series which I'm looking forward to reading. The pictures are detailed and inspiring. The writing was great and I won't mind reading it to them again and again.

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