Sunday, July 31, 2016

Monkees Archives Vol. 1
Monkees Archives Vol 1 contains articles, interviews, advertising, photos and other materials related to the band during their original run in the 1960s and their various later regrouping. Fans will love the variety of materials presented and travel backwards to the 1960s when the band was one of the most popular musical acts in the U.S. Read fan and teen magazine interviews with the band members! Long out of print and hard to find, you now can have them cheaper than searching down the original magazines or even getting photocopies, all bound into impressive book collections.

I purchased Monkees Archives Vol. 1 from Amazon. It popped up in my suggestions and I couldn't resist. and foremost, the book is very basic. Or I could say it's straightforward. There's no introduction or forward and no index. It's literally just a book of magazine articles and clippings in no particular order. This isn't a bad thing. The book basically speaks for itself.

Monkees Archives Vol. 1 is, for those of us obsessed with the band, a treasure trove of memorabilia. In addition to the articles, there are a few pictures of Monkees related items such as buttons, marbles and toys. When a group has been around as long as the Monkees has, it's extremely difficult for die-hard fans to find things they've never seen before. This book is full of those things.

My favorite thing about Monkees Archives is that it's like a time capsule of information. I love to read the old articles that were written as the phenomenon was happening. The early articles are great because they speculate on this new pop group while we have the advantage of knowing what's going to happen.

Behold my favorite page!
My only gripe about the book is that it seems hastily put together. There are two more volumes from White Lightning Publishing, and I think they could have used some organization. The articles aren't in chronological order and most of them don't mention the date or the source.

Overall, Monkees Archives Vol. 1 is a fun book for even a lukewarm Monkees fan.

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