Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Elphie and Dad go on an Epic Adventure by Hagit R. Oron

http://amzn.to/23Vy52sElphie and Dad go on an Epic Adventure is a cute an colorful addition to our bedtime story routine. My daughter and I shared some knowing glances at the exchanged between Elphie and Dad. At first Elphie didn't want to go to the store. Then Dad promised it would be an epic adventure. Elphie grabbed a cape and a sword and made that adventure with a little imagination.

The illustrations were great. My daughter loved that the princess that Elphie rescued wasn't drawn as an actual princess, making her use her imagination just like Elphie did. I loved that the book also showed the parent's side--Dad worrying that Elphie's adventure might entail a little bit of danger. I also loved that Elphie's gender wasn't mentioned. The book is great for father and son or father and daughter.

We both enjoyed it and will be reading it together again.

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