Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Princess and the Dragon by Marjorie Bayes

The Princess and the Dragon is a humorous children's book about a sassy and comfortably-dressed princess who befriends a laid-back dragon.

In the first chapter, the princess reluctantly tries to save a prince from the cave of the dragon. The dragon doesn't really want to keep the annoying prince but is governed by the bureaucratic Department of Dragons. The princess must complete three impossible tasks which she does by thinking outside the box.

The princess and the dragon form an alliance in which she bribes the dragon with large quantities of food. They go on to save the environment and stop a war.

My daughter laughed. She loved the dynamic between the two characters. She said she loved the princess' outfit (jeans and a t-shirt). I enjoyed reading the dialogue of these fun characters. We've already read The Princess and the Dragon a half dozen times. The story was witty and is currently our favorite bedtime story.

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