Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dark Destiny by Thomas Grave plot: Sebastian, an average high school student with an above-average girlfriend, has just discovered that he is the reincarnation of Death. He must come to terms with his job as the Reaper even as it means he has to usher his friends out of this world. But he immediately decides to break the rules, setting in motion a chain of events that threatens all existence.

The good: The idea of this book intrigued me, which is why I agreed to review it at the author's request. I thoroughly enjoyed the concepts of the world of the dead and the souls in Pergatorium. My favorite scene involved an old woman eternally baking cookies in her apartment while waiting for her husband to cross over. The author created interesting layers of the afterlife and rankings of souls.

The bad: Unfortunately, in creating a great underworld, the author threw too much information at me. Many of the chapters involved lengthy, fast-paced battles and I couldn't keep track of who was involved. Part of this issue was that some of the characters were referred to by multiple names. Other characters took on multiple identities.

I felt that the writing in general could have been more polished. To begin with, it wasn't clear whose point of view the story was being told from. The writer changed point of view so frequently and without warning that I often lost track of what was going on. The narrator seemed to be in everybody's head at once.

There were also a lot of lengthy descriptions in the first few chapters of the book. As each character entered they were described methodically from their hair color, their eye color, to the outfit they were wearing. Even minor characters were described this way. I don't need to know that the detective that we see one time has brown eyes because it's not relevant to the story.

Conclusion: Dark Destiny, while a great concept, could have been better executed. If you enjoy non-stop fight scenes of the paranormal variety I would recommend this book. Otherwise, I'd say just skip it.

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