Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Pirate Train by Nicole Plyler Fisk

The Pirate Train is a cute story about a family of pirates who have to leave their pirate ship and find a new home because of the little boy's seasickness. It was written by Nicole Plyler Fisk with help from her pirate-loving son Jack. I received it in the mail from the author just the other day. The cover grabbed me and we had to read it immediately. 

This book spoke to my family in three ways. Number one, there are four of us. That's pretty easy. Number two, my son faces challenges including food allergies that cause us to adjust the way we live our lives, just like the seasick little boy. Number three, we're getting ready to move and even though we don't know exactly where we'll end up, we know that we'll be a family wherever we are. My son noted this at the end of the book. I was super proud of him.

Other than having a great life lesson about families and changes, The Pirate Train is a colorful and engaging work of art. Illustrated by Chad Vivas, every page had details that kept my kids' attention. I loved the imagining of the train as a home. For a minute I thought, "We should totally live on a train." Admit it, that would be pretty sweet.

I feel that The Pirate Train is a great read for kids. I had fun reading it, and my kids wanted to hear it again. I can't wait to see future books from this spunky family.

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