Friday, February 26, 2016

Hope by Grier Cooper

This week I was privileged to read an advanced copy of the YA novel Hope by Grier Cooper. It's the second in her Indigo Ballet Series.

High-school student Indigo has landed her dream of studying at the New York School of Ballet, but she's homesick and feeling defeated. She's starting to realize that the dream may not be exactly as she pictured it in her head.

Having a background in ballet myself, I was excited when I was asked to review Hope. Grier Cooper, who studied at the School of American Ballet and performed all over the globe, writes in an easygoing and conversational way that brings the reader into Indigo's unique world.

This book is heavy with ballet terms which may be hard for non-dancers to follow at times. However, there is a glossary in the back to help anyone along. The story isn't really dependent on the ballet action, so I wouldn't discourage a reader who isn't familiar with the craft. Indigo's experiences go beyond just dancing. There's a colorful cast of side characters who are well-developed and easily distinguished from one another. They're typical teenagers who hang out together in coffee shops and have typical teenager angst, but who just happen to be preparing for careers in performing arts. For me it was a nostalgic journey back to the days of grueling rehearsals, stern teachers, and jealous (or just misunderstood) classmates. Cooper's picture of the ballet life is spot on.

Hope is a sequel, but I had no problem picking up the story. It's really a stand-alone novel with a little background peppered in when needed. I really enjoyed Hope and I highly recommend it.

The book will be released in April, but you can reserve your copy from Amazon by clicking here or the link below.

P.S. I learned a new insult that I plan to use in the right situation. "You can't chicken out now just because The Shrew decided to be a royal pube today," was my favorite line of the whole book.

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