Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why Indie Books?

My mission with this blog is to review mainly self-published and indie books. Why? The obvious answer is because I'm a self-published author. Having tried for over a year to get an agent and having faced numerous rejections claiming my work was "well written, but not what we're looking for", I decided to go it on my own. This lead me to find other self-published works that were great books but, like the agents told me, not what the industry wants right now.

Because the publishing industry is broken. Self-publishing is easier now than it's ever been, and it's harder to distinguish a self-published book from a traditionally-published one. So the good self-published books and e-books are distracting readers from the big publishers.

What are the big publishers looking for? They want the next Harry Potter. They want the next Game of Thrones. They want a sure thing that will spawn sequels and movies and merchandise. They can't afford to take a chance on a quick-read novel. But the authors can.

When we self publish we put our own money into it. We put our time into it. We call all the shots. No one can tell us to add an edgy character or change the location to whatever city is hottest right now. We put everything we have into our project and we know there's a good chance we won't get much back. But it doesn't matter. Because writing is an art. If you wanted to get rich, you picked the wrong profession.

But again, why do I review indie books? Most book review blogs don't. Who can blame them? The self-publishing world is full of amateur attempts and inexperience. But it's also filled with wonderful, undiscovered manuscripts that deserve to be seen. My goal with this blog is to sift out the sand for the readers and find the gold. Readers don't want another book that's "just like Twilight." We want new and fresh. We want the books the big publishers are afraid to take a chance on. I'm not afraid. I'll find those gems and I'll present them here for you. So, stay tuned. I'm going to find you your next favorite book of all time.

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