Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Welcome to My Review Blog

One thing that I've learned as a self-published author is that reviews are important. They're not just important for those of us who are fully self-promoting, but for authors working with large presses as well. The best way to sell your book is to get people talking about it. This isn't an easy task. One of the ways we writers (say that five times fast!) get reviews is by petitioning book blogs. This is exhausting. It's pretty close to the process of querying agents, and every author knows how much fun that isn't.

Since my book has been published I've discovered the website Goodreads.com where readers can go to discover new books and discuss the ones they've read. Goodreads also allows writers and publishers to host their own book giveaways. So far I've hosted two. I've entered about ninety-million. Because I like books and I like winning and I like randomness. I've won three giveaways since October. That's like one a month.

Books I have not paid for in the last few months.
So, I got super off track right then. Anyway, I'm telling you all this because I've decided to add some of my own reviews here on my personal (but public) blog. With the three giveaways I've won and the book I bought on my Kindle app and the Amy Poehler book my sister gave me for Christmas I've got enough to keep me busy for a few months (because add in working two jobs and writing my next book and taking care of my children and getting ready to sell my house).

However, if you've written a book and you're just dying to get it reviewed I'll happily consider your request via email at nevthefurth@gmail.com. Please tell me what the book is about, who is your publisher, and how you will get your book to me (hard copy or Kindle). You can see my review guidelines on the "review request" tab above.

Anyway, happy reading, all!

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